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Terms & Conditions


Description of Services: Work will be performed per the proposal quote estimate agreed upon by the customer. Any changes made to the proposal during the project will be agreed upon by both parties and updated in a more current proposal, if required. Red Fern Landscapes (hereafter referred to as “Landscape Contractor”) shall provide its services and meet its obligations in a timely and workmanlike manner, using knowledge and recommendations for performing the landscaping services which meet or exceed generally acceptable standards in the Landscape Contractor’s community and region.


The Landscape Contractor will provide all labor and materials to provide the above landscaping services at the work site, unless otherwise agreed upon.


The responsibility of irrigation and sprinkler modifications fall to the customer, unless arrangements have been made with Red Fern Landscapes and are listed in the most current proposal.  Should any damage be made to sprinklers by the Landscape Contractor during the project’s installation, the Landscape Contractor will repair them at no charge to the Customer.


Insurance: Red Fern Landscapes maintains general liability and business insurance.


Permits: Should any permits be necessary for the scope of the project, the Landscape Contractor will be responsible for applying for and obtaining such permits and regulatory approvals as may be required by local municipalities. The cost of such permits will be included in the most current proposal, and included as part of payment to the Landscape Contractor.


Survey and Title: The Customer will indicate property lines to the Landscape Contractor and will provide boundary stakes or current land survey by a licensed land surveyor if the Customer is in doubt about property boundaries.


Limited Warranty: Red Fern Landscapes, LLC. will guarantee all trees, shrubs, and ground cover plants for three (3) months from the date of installation. Sod, annual and seasonal color will not carry a warranty. Transplants of existing trees and plants at the work site will not carry a warranty.


For the warranty to be effective, the Customer agrees to water and care for plants as outlined in the Maintenance Guidelines provided by Red Fern Landscapes.. Red Fern Landscapes will not warranty plants killed by negligence, fire, severe weather events (including freeze or drought), or any general Acts of God that are beyond their control.


Any plants needing be replaced will be replaced with the same type and size of plant, or as close as reasonably possible. Warranty is limited to one replacement per plant. All outstanding debts must be settled before a warranty item will be replaced.


Customer can contact the Landscape Contractor for small changes and touch-ups within 3 days of project completion. After that, all work is final. 


Payment: The Proposal is based on current pricing and is subject to review by the Landscape Contractor after 30 days.


Accounts not paid within 10 days of completion are considered to be in default. Accounts in default will carry a 2% simple interest, 16% per annum interest charge for the amount past due until the account is settled. All costs associated with the collection of the account in default will be the responsibility of the Customer.


Payments may be made via check, cash, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard accepted). If a credit card is used, any contract price over $3,000 will incur an additional 3% credit card fee charged to the Customer.

Watering & Maintenance Guidelines